Installation & Maintenance

Underground Disposal Systems has an in-house installation team. Our installers are Molok® certified, meaning your system if fully protected against complications that can arise after installation.

Our in-house maintenance vehicles are equipped with pressure washers, pumps, and specialized tools to keep your site looking perfect.

Molok® deep collection containers are made to last for decades of intense use. However, with time maintenance and cleaning services are required to extend the life time of the containers. Regular maintenance also guarantees that the containers can stay in operation for years to come. Maintenance can include following:

  • spare part installations
  • checking the condition of containers
  • cleaning the well bodies, framings and lids
  • framing repairs and framing refinishing
  • renewing signs and stickers when needed
  • checking and possible renewing of the lifting bags
  • checking and repairing lids and lifting containers
  • tidying of the surroundings of the collecting area

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